A family-oriented show for children between 4 and 10 years old.

12 duet songs: : Domitille (lyrics) et Amaury de Crayencour (lyrics)
With Marc Pinon (guitar, keyboard, percussions).

After “Maurice Carême set to music” in 2012 – here is “Les ballades enfantines” (Childhood ballads), the 2014 show by Domitille accompanied with Amaury de Crayencour. Domitille and Amaury take you on a trip to discover an unusual and bubbly Paris. .

Marc Pinon, a musician who plays several instruments, creates a jazzy-swing world where both children and parents will travel along the river Seine.

Hélène Druvert illustrates the settings from a childhood world where the audience can discover the smallest details.

Duration : 50 min

Crédits photo: Stéphane Remael

Statement of intent

« We’re all just big kids, really! To remind us of that fact, Domitille and Amaury have drawn on the poetry of Prévert, the joy of Trenet, the elegance of Montand, the sweetness of Salvador and the tenderness of Bourvil to create these children’s songs in the land of French song and poetry. Featuring the musical talents of Marc Pinon, this album is an explosive cocktail that can be described in a single sentence: Y’a de la joie (Joy’s all around)!

Joyful and high-spirited, the little troupe takes us on an endearing tour of Paris and its monuments, the River Seine and the Parisian rain! Leaving school hand in hand, we take the Route Nationale 7 then a leafy country lane before finally arriving beneath the Eiffel Tower. On the way, we bump into a ballerina at the opera, imagine flying through the air on a travelling kite, sail on a beautiful white boat, sing in the rain and cruise along a carefree Seine! Why wait to be happy, indeed? »