Domitille : artist, performer

2013 performed the musical tale : L’Ours et le Soleil (The Bear and the Sun) along with Amaury de Crayencour (Naïve Jeunesse).

2012-2013 : various showcases and an international tour with her Maurice Carême set to music show in collaboration with the Astrazz jazzy swing duet,directed by Olivier Prou: New York (FIAF), London, Milan, Florence, Brussels. Printemps des Poètes (Poets’spring) in Paris.

2012 : composer and performer of Maurice Carême sung by Domitille, album de poésie en chansons (poetry songs album) (Naïve Jeunesse).

Beginning her career as a children’s fashion designer, Domitille now extends her creativity by setting texts for children to music.
Her background : Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique de Lille (School for the Performing Arts of Lille), Maîtrise de Lettres Modernes (Master’s Degree in French language and literature), Institut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute)

Crédits photo: Stéphane Remael


“Ballades enfantines” team

AMAURY DE CRAYENCOUR, actor, performer
Now playing in: Le Porteur d’histoire directed by Alexis Michalik at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (Paris) and Richard III directed by Laurent Fréchuret with Dominique Pinon.
2013: performed the musical tale : L’Ours et le Soleil (The Bear and the Sun) along with Domitille. 2012 : Jeune Talent Cannes Adami.
2008: West Side Story directed by Jeanne Roth, musical direction by Patrick Souillot.
2008 : Le songe. Opéra/Rock, musical direction by Cécile bonardi.
2007 : Sora, une nuit, un chemin, musical show for children (Disney songs) in Paris and Avignon.
His background : Studio Théâtre of Asnières sur Seine (2007/2010). Sung with Jean-Pierre Gesbert.

MARC PINON, musician
He plays several instruments, he composes, arranges and also, directs for various music labels and TV channels (Universal, Warner, TF1, Eurosport, Direct 8,...). Since 2012: coach for the French edition of “the Voice”.
He has been working for several years with famous singers such as Marc Lavoine or Garou, and he is currently composing for artists such as Chimène Badi, Sofia Essaïdi, Julie Zenatti or Émilie Levesque in Canada.He has also been working on all musicals produced by Lagardère at the Folies Bergères in Paris (Salut les copains, Disco and Love Circus)..

A multitalented artist, Jonathan Salmon has had a circuitous career. After completing his training as a PE teacher at the age of 21, he studied at Les Abbesses dance studio before joining Asnières Studio Théâtre, and ultimately completed an apprenticeship in acting. While still very active on stage, he went on to teach drama at Paris 12 Val-de- Marne University for five years before becoming assistant director to Jean-Louis Martin- Barbaz. Captivated by this profession, he continued to pursue his new passion alongside Eric Charon, with whom he directed Ma Famille (My Family) by Carlos Liscano, Wanted Petula by Fabrice Melchiot, and the much-lauded Pinocchio by Joël Pommerat.
This year he has spent his time writing and directing Catherine Verlaguet’s T’es Qui Moi ? (Who Are I?) (starring Bénédicte Guichardon), as well as La bande du Tabou (The Taboo Crew) (Best Theatre Troupe Award, Anjou Festival), featuring a string of song and dance numbers interspersed with theatrical scenes – a return to his roots..

HELENE DRUVERT, illustrator
She draws her inspiration mainly from textile patterns, travel diaries and childhood. They compose her poetic and dreamlike world.
“I live between Paris and the Basque country where I have my own silkscreen printing studio. Creating patterns, stage designs made in paper art, illustrations, surfboards... I love creating links between those various elements.”
Background: Ecole Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués Duperré (Duperré Institute for the Applied Arts)


ASTRAZZ, musiciens et créateurs de chaussures! Un duo de deux jeunes plein de talent qui m'ont accompagné sur les tournées "Maurice Carême en chansons" et sur le premier EP "Ballades enfantines"... avant de lancer leur marque de chaussures jazzy et colorées "Garçonne et chérubin"!

BAPTISTE THIRY, compositeur-arrangeur Il a créé les univers musicaux des chansons Maurice Carême et du conte "L'ours et le Soleil".

ANNA EMILIA LAITINEN, une illustratrice finlandaise qui a réalisé les jolies aquarelles du conte "L'Ours et le Soleil"

OLIVIER TALLEC, l'illustrateur des dessins pleins de tendresse du CD Maurice Carême. »